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It’s a known fact that “time on site” is a critical component that the major search engines use when establishing organic, non-paid, website rankings. The longer a visitor stays on your site the more “relevant” their search appears to the search engine. This leads to higher natural rankings. Most web-sites have become business cards with only contact and limited product information, but lack the content to keep visitors on the site and to visit more often. Returning visitors tend to stay longer resulting in higher rankings!

Including a custom colored, sized, and branded marijuana strain guide on your website will provide informative and relevant content for you patients. It will keep them on your site longer, and visiting more often. It’s a great way to build patient loyalty by providing interesting and informative information that they can, and will, use.

The marijuana strain library, featuring pictures, cannabis strain descriptions and THC content will make your website come alive with what everyone wants…fast, simple, and easily accessible marijuana strain information. As an added enhancement, you can easily post your daily specials, with your photos or strain library photos, with a few simple mouse clicks. You can even make your library easily pay for itself by selling ad space that appears on every strain detail page. See our Cannaline ad on one of the detail pages as an example.

Use of the cannabis strain guide is by subscription and is introductory priced at only $50.00 per month with a 30 day free trial. Introductory pricing is guaranteed for as long as you subscribe. You are not locked into any long term contracts and can cancel at any time. We've made Installation very simple and webmasters can install it in minutes, or we can install it for you.

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